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What if you could customise both your M&M’S and the gift box they come in? Choose a cut out, share your customisation preferences and our advisers will take care of the creative details from there on. You can make all the difference so why wait?!

QuantityUnit Price
50 units €59.00
75 units €52.00
100 units €44.00
Minimum order quantity of 50 required
My M&M’S can offer you a bespoke and customisable gift box. Show off your customised sweets in original packaging that reflects who you are.
With this gift box, not only can you choose the cut-out and the colour, but you can also add a message such as “Thank you” or “Happy New Year” or simply add your company logo.
The 400g box offers you the chance to design your gift from start to finish, choosing the colours, patterns, wording, materials and much more!
An adviser will help you throughout the design process, lending all their expertise and know-how to the creation of your gift box. Just like a personal shopper, they will be there to listen to your needs and come up with the perfect mock-up. This is the ideal gift if you want to thank colleagues, clients or partners, while showcasing your corporate colours. Please feel free to get in touch with our customer services department to find out more.

The materials used in this packaging meet requirements

Format :The box measures 26.2x18.5x2.3cm
Content :400g of M&M’S
Minimum quantity :50

Delivery times :
Standard : 20 days